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141, 1521 552, 2892, DIRECTA FULLFORM C-1 5st, 32.33, 1, 32.33. 553, 2893 3622, 52641, CLINPRO PROPHY PASTE GROV MIN, 2,922.00, 4, 730.50. tive Pro-Relief Desensitising Polishing paste followed by at-home use of Directa. 40.

Directa dental prophy paste

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This gluten-free paste contains 1.23% fluoride ion and xylitol. The prophy paste is color-coded by grit, and is delivered in traditional unit-dose cups for asepsis and convenience. Directa´s products are developed, Select the appropriate Prophy Paste CCS according to dental substrate and degree of discolouration. For best and long lasting results use at least two different Prophy Paste CCS RDA values for each treatment - RDA 250 and/or RDA 170 for Directa Dental Group Sparkle Prophy Paste w/ Fluoride/Xylitol- Assorted Grits. 200/package. 38% Savings. Compare.

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Contains 0,1% fluoride. ProphyPaste CCS, Green Medium, RDA 170 … The Swedish manufacturer of dental consumables Directa is proud to announce the acquisition of the US based manufacturer ContacEZ.

Directa dental prophy paste

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Directa dental prophy paste

ProphyCare Prophy Paste, one of the most well known brands worldwide, offers reliable results ranging from regular cleaning of the teeth to more complicated implant maintenance procedures. The coarse and medium pumice based paste is ideal for the removal Prophy Paste is second to none in performance, handling and dispensing.

Directa dental prophy paste

800-535-45-35 Buy Prophy Paste CCS (Directa) at Pearson Dental Supply for the Best Price, Highest Quality, Superior Customer Service. 800-535-45-35 Directa/Prophy Paste DirectaDentalGroup develops, manufactures and markets a complete line of dental consumables, materials and electronics, making life easier for the dental practitioner and patients. Directa’s ProphyCare products delivers essential prophylaxis dental treatment for halting the progression of periodontal disease and gingivitis.
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Directa dental prophy paste

In the world of dental hygiene, one such product that can save you valuable treatment time is Directa’s Prophy Paste PRO. That’s because this prophy paste will accomplish both of your primary objectives of removing stains AND polishing for a smooth Optimized size for easy access in hard to reach areas without compromising the paste holding capacity. Soft flare for improved subgingival access - gently massages the gingiva and reaches the pockets for effective plaque biofilm removal. The interior webbing holds adequate amount of Prophy Paste, minimizes splatter and increases stain removal. Directa/Prophy Paste.

By DIRECTA. Manufacturer of the world-famous extraction instrument Luxator, the well-known ProphyCare Prophy Paste, the revolutionary protective wedge FenderWedge,  30 Mar 2015 Prophy Paste CCS is second to none in performance, handling and dispensing. The unique non-splattering, Directa Dental. Directa Dental.
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Commercially prepared dental prophy pastes are available in bulk and unit doses, with grit graded from fine to coarse. dental consultants. Directa is committed to developing aids for improving dentistry. Design by Dentists TM Prophy Paste CCS is second to none in performance, handling and dispensing.

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Lediga jobb Directa AB Upplands Väsby

FenderMate Temp is the all-in-one solution for safe and easy preparation and filling of temporary proximal restorations. FenderMate Temp is a stainless steel matrix on a plastic wedge that is easily placed into the proximal area before preparation. Young Prophy Cups latch type: Young Prophy Cups screw type. Young Disposable Prophy Angles: 2Tone solution: Young D-Lish Paste: Young Prophy Paste .

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The coarse and medium pumice based paste is ideal for the removal of plaque, calculus and stains caused by e.g. coffee, tea, tobacco, while our distinctive fine and x-fine ailica based prophy paste offers a Prophy Paste, Red Fine, RDA 120 = 20 micron. - For removing plaque and surface discolourations. - For small amount of plaque, root surfaces and lightly discoloured teeth.

A Swedish dental manufacturing company. With the aim of making life Buy a range of prophy paste (prevention products) from Trigiene Dental, a leading provider of quality dental products & equipment in the UK. Pegasus Dental Orange Flavour Medium Prophylaxis 250g Prophy Paste Prophylaxis Teeth Polishing Cleaning Stain Removal: Amazon.co.uk: Health  Prophy Paste Single Cup Medium.